Marta Pita Delgado


I am a digital artist designer from Madrid; I abstract art, which is the base of all my works.

Usually, I use photographic elements which I found in my daily experiences, which I then transform and use in my designs. The technique is more or less similar to the one called “Glitch”. This technique is the style based on using corrupt files generated by the compute to create digital illustration.

The way that I process is to take what I found and put them totally out of their initial context; I could implement them to already existing piece of work or incorporate them to anything which has captured my attention.

I consider that my formation is autodidact even though if I studied in a school called “CICE” (School of New Technology)

Lately, I have been or still are working with “en Positivo” which does social designs for ONG. I am also working on a really interesting project which the work consists to create designs for some T-shirts – the company is called “Destroy the Humanity”.

I am interested in collaboration with other professionals, investigating, launch new way of expression that will express my world and my need to communication.


  • photo retouching
  • digital art
  • graphic design
  • illustration


  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • quarkxpress
  • freehand